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Through the Glass Ball

One of the most intriguing stories we have read and would like to Share with you guys.

The story follows the exciting journey of Andrius Aleksandravicius. Armed with only a Glass Ball, his Camera and his Creativity. He captivates and inspires the imagination of the simple things we take for granted everyday. 

 ""A Different Perspective"" follows this enthusiastic photographer, Andrius from Lithuania. His simple idea grew into a journey of photographic exploration, taking him from Seville, to Morella, Valencia and finally to Barcelona. 

Here is the short documentary of Andrius's travels and exploration, check it out and be inspired!!

CH Photogs Style...

So classic CH Photogs style, we had to give this a try.

Armed with the inspiration of Andrius's vision, we set out with our glass balls and cameras. Here is our first attempts of glass ball photography. 

Looking for a Glass Ball of your own?

Want to try this out for yourself? Have no idea where to get your own glass ball?

We can help... Drop us an Email or Comment on the bottom of the page and we will assist.

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