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How WOOD you transfer your Photos?

We came across an Interesting topic and would like to share this with you. Transferring your printed photos to pieces of Wood... yes you guessed it, good old wood from mother nature.

This is something we will be trying out ourselves (will be sure to post the results). Looks like loads of fun, and quite a creative way to showcase your photographs, or even perhaps as gifts to friends and family.

What you WOOD need...?

There seems to be some sources that use different methods / products to achieve the desired result. 

We have narrowed it down to what majority of the folks out there resort to and we're pretty sure this will get us the desired result, or pretty close... we hope :)

Here's what we need...

- A clean , smooth piece of Wood to transfer the photo to.

- Your desired printed photo. Suggested on white paper, perhaps even photo paper for better results.

- Gel medium (This can be obtained at any craft store)

- Modge podge (Again acquired from your local craft store)

- Foam brush

- Finally... some time and patience (Free)

How it all comes together

Video compliments of Bluescape Media, shows us how this is done step by step. We are looking forward to trying this ourselves and showing off the results. Hope you guys are too and have fun trying this yourself.

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