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7 Powerful Photography Tips

We would like to Share this Video by renowned photographer Joshua Cripps from California. 

In the video he shares 7 Powerful tips to create Amazing photos. We will also elaborate on each of these tips, hope you enjoy.

1. Fill the Frame

By filling the frame you add instant impact to the image. You exclude unnecessary clutter and bring a dynamic element to the photo.

There is this assumption that you have to have every part of a subject or object for the image to be complete—not so. There is no reason why you can’t chop off parts of the subject when getting in really close. When shooting a person, get in really close and shoot just part of the model’s face.

This gives a dramatic effect.

2. Simplify and Exaggerate

Here you would use contrasting colors, this will ensure your subject stands out, rather than blend in.Using different or other objects in the frame you could create a sense of scale, be it big or small. 

Another method is using a longer shutter speed, which indicates movement. Or simply zooming in on a particular object within your frame. 

3. Don't center your subject

You guessed it, the popular Rule of Thirds.

The rule of thirds explains that an image is most pleasing when its subjects or regions are composed along imaginary lines which divide the image into thirds. This can be achieved by either vertically, horizontally or combining both.

4. Create depth

Depth of field. Composing your shot with your main subject in focus, whilst blurring out the background. This will give the viewer a sense of context to your photograph, almost as if they were standing in the image. 

5. Connect The Dots and Create a Visual Pathway

Another description of this technique is called Leading Lines. This is an awesome way to connect your main elements and create a visual journey for your viewers.

By doing this you are connecting or leading from one element to another within your frame.

6. Perspective is Everything

A simple way of making people say,  WOW... that's a different or interesting photo. Instead of taking a photograph from the usual eye level, get down and dirty, on your knees, on your back and show a different perspective to your subjects. This will surely amaze your viewers.

7. Lighting is Everything

Good lighting, or bad lighting? Shooting towards the Sun creating a silhouette type effect of your subject could make for some dramatic results. 

Shoot with the sun, or put the sun at an angle and you’ll have a much easier time of getting a good all round exposure. The choice is yours.

Last but not Least... BREAK ALL THE RULES!!

Lets face it, rules are there to be broken, right? It's about having fun, self expression and making the viewer see the world through your eyes. Be curious, bring out that inner child and have fun. Shoot anything and everything, from way above to down low, show the world how you perceive it. In other words...

"Capture Life"

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