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Back Button Focus - How and Why?

What is it...?

A handy feature on your camera you may not be familiar with is back button focus, often referred to as back button AF.

When using this feature, a button on the back of your camera (hence the name, back button!) is used to lock in the focus of your shot, rather than having to continuously press the shutter button halfway, then shoot.

Basically, the feature removes Autofocus from the shutter button and transfers it to a button on the back of your camera.

Why even use it...?

When you change the focus button, you free up your shutter button to only be responsible for releasing the shutter. This may not seem like much of a game changer, but think for a moment about photographing a moving subject (sports or family and child photographers, anyone?).

In the millisecond it can take to set focus and then release your shutter, your subject may have moved. The result: a blurry and out of focus subject. By separating the focus and shutter functions, you can set focus and get the shot simultaneously.

3 Reasons reasons to use... or at least try Back Button Focus.

- No More Switching Your Lens To Manual Focus

- No More Refocusing Every Time You Let Go of the Shutter

- Use Servo for Almost All of Your Focusing Needs

Back Button Focus by Steve Perry.

Still not Convinced? Check out this Video from Steve Perry on How to set this up and the Benefits of Back Button Focus.

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