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Some Tips and Ideas to try on your next Photowalk

We all know that dreaded feeling... Stuck in a rut with no inspiration, browsing through hundreds of thousands of our past photographs. Falling victim to our old ways, same old techniques and tricks.

Sound about right?

Well here are some tips and ideas to get you jump started. To get you back into that creative space that got you into this awesome hobby in the first place. These tips and ideas are intended for a casual photowalk, photowalk anywhere and with anyone.

So go grab your camera and lets go...

Use a Different Camera

Well this one applies if you own more than one camera... Or why not just use your phone camera. The quality of the average smartphone camera has improved dramatically over the past couple of years, so quality is no issue. Nice idea for us that don't have an extra high end camera laying around.

So instead of grabbing your phone for that ultimate selfie, why not rip it out on your next photowalk?

Use a Different Lens

Look for that one that has been buried in your bag, that neglected lens you forgot you even had. 

If your zoom lens never comes off your camera, take that sucker off and switch to a prime or vice versa. If you buried away your kit lenses, dust them off and shoot away. Like they say, a change is as good as a holiday :)

How low can you go... or high?

Basic but so effective. Instead of taking photos whilst standing up (eye level), get down and dirty, on the ground, the pavement... get a different perspective. 

Get higher by standing on top of something, a dustbin, a wall... just not on someones car... they might high five your face :) Step away from the general everyday eye level, you'l be amazed at the dramatic results.


In our world there are many lines to play around with. Whether they be street lines, branches, walls or benches, you name it, they're all around.

One way to distinguish lines is by giving your scene the "squint test". By doing this you reduce it to basic shapes and lines and thus you should be able to see the various lines in your scene. Play with all types of lines, horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved... consider them all. Even if they're implied lines or not, use them to create a visual path through your scene.


As with lines, you can also play with shapes in your photos. Whether man-made or natural, literal or implied, look for circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. Feature one of the shapes–especially triangles. People love triangles.

Consider whether or not you want to highlight the shape itself or also its dimension. 


Now we’re looking a little deeper into our surroundings.

Use puddles, windows, metal surfaces, cars, or mirrors, of course. Or like we did on this photo, a picture through a glass ball creating an upside down effect. A great, simple but Fun way of capturing your scene. Any way you want, try capturing a scene, or even an abject using reflections on your next Photowalk.

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