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Some things to think about when Taking your next Photo

So you want to go out Shooting, no problem... But what goes through ones mind when you raise your camera and press the shutter? If you're like many photographers, or even us, majority of the time not much. You just want to capture the moment and carry on.

However getting into the habit of thinking or even asking yourself simple questions could mean the world of difference between an average image and an AMAZING image. Here we will cover some tips or topics to think about before framing your next shot.

Hope you enjoy! 

1. What Story are you Telling?

Probably one of the most important things to think about, what story are you trying to convey to the viewer?

Why are you taking the shot? Is it a shot to give to someone, perhaps to record a moment or are you trying to express emotion? Whatever the reason, this is an important one to think about, as this could assist in a number of decisions regarding your composition.

2. What is the visual focal point of the shot?

Where do you want your viewers attention drawn to within the scene or photograph? Once you have established this you can think of where to place it in the frame, a possibility to consider would be the Rule of Thirds.

Once you've established this, think what competing focal points are there to compliment the shot. Is the competing focal point complimenting or distracting the shot? 

3. What's in the Foreground and Background?

This could cause distractions in our photography, especially the background if we not careful. 

Scan the entire frame behind your subject to see what else is included in your shot (the same applies for the foreground). Depth of field could be a nice creative touch to add some blur to your backgrounds.

4. Am I close enough?

Shots don't always have to consist of your subject being to small in the frame, this is a common misconception. Shots filling the entire frame can be much more dramatic, emphasizing on the detail of your subject.

Next time when you're out shooting, instead of zooming, walk closer to your subject and fill the frame, you might be blown away by the results.

5. Light... Where is it coming from and is it enough?

One thing we always have to keep in mind, how is our subject lit? If we don't have enough light we might lose detail. If we don't have enough light we need to resort to pushing up our ISO, which increases the noise in our images.

Consider what is your main source of light and is there enough of it. If not, we would need some sort of alternative lighting or longer exposures, which in turn would require a tripod to avoid camera shake.

6. Is the Frame Straight

Such a simple yet easy thing to forget. That something as simple as a skew horizon, skew lines or even leaning people can spoil what could possibly be an amazing image. 

7. Perspective, anything but Eye level

Another simple, but yet such an effective way to make your photographs stand out from the crowd. We all see the world from eye level, get down and dirty, on your knees, on your back and capture the world from a completely different perspective.

For instance this shot we took standing on a bridge looking down at the road below, a different perspective, fun and yet effective. 

We hope you like the suggestions shared here, something to consider and think about on your next shooting adventure. 

CH Photogs - Capture Life

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